My best Learning in PR is…

In public relation classes so far, the learning has been continuous and fun all the way,especially in the area of writing and Phrasing words.My major area of learning includes Branding, Advertising, WIIFM, RACE, Social media, Blogging, and Public Writing.etc.

Branding :campaign that encourage consumers to create content and organization been able to share a product in other to create differentiation through colour, designs, values and awareness  from the market or competitors.

Advertising: campaign that relate a brand to consumers through paid, earned ,owned, and shared acronym (PESO) these includes social media, magazine, journalism, brochures, corporate blogging, annual reports, and special events.

WIIFM: stands for what is in it for me as an organization,individual, community and non for profit.

RACE: stands for Research, Analysis, communication and evaluation of a particular company’s brand and resources.

Another most interesting aspects are Team formation, Fundraising participation, games ,for example, Beach volleyball, Gift takeaway,Pizza get together and Presentations from Graduate of Public Relation.

Branding is also a commonly used term in Public Relation which can be described as the sum total of everything heard, seen, touched and felt about a product, a service, or a concept.

We learnt there are seven ways to build a strong brand; Consistency of brand messages, employee commitment and communication, strong brand values, consistently deliver on the brand promise, build a positive brand experience, make a long-term investment ,strength and RACE: this is an acronym for, Research, Analysis, Communication and evaluation.

In design classes, we learnt how to design newsletter and Communication can be effective using tools like Prezi for presentation.Public Relations encompasses  Media relationships and content mastering.


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