Public Relations sector


Public Relation is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or organization such as business, government agency, or a non-profit organisation.public relations

On October 8th 2015, the Public Relation students of Loyalist College went on school trip to three outstanding public relations organisation in Toronto Ontario.The three organisations adventure is explained below:

Steam Whistle Brewery


The Steam whistle begins in 1998 when three friends decide on “doing one thing really really well”.Steam Whistle equally proud of its unique packaging display simplicity brand marketing.The company has an exceptional team, combining talents, experience and a passion for its growth.Thus, called the “Good Beer Folks”.Steam Whistle relates to the public through home delivery, event planning, blogging, website, facebook, twitter, word of mouth.etc.steamwhistle

Edelman Public Relation Firm


Edelman Public Relation leading independent global firm was also visited.In relation to their presentation, the company uses the latest social media and digital tools to establish a new era of public engagement between organisation and their constituents.The company enlightened us on the different career path in PR among many;communication, planning and creative, media, public affairs etc. Edelman employees, work as a team and very enthusiastic about their job.The organization major media tools and events are Kraft integrated PR campaign, Mobile,Kraft community-based, Marketing program, Community relations campaign,Ontario graphite,Kraft community marketing programme, and website etc. Edelman

Toronto Football Club


The Toronto FC a soccer club was another exciting place we visited, the Public Relation officer gave a presentation on the football club and what role he plays.He explained he never minded starting as a ticket distributor before he got the opportunity of a Public Relation coordinator.He works for Toronto FC players or team at the media relation department and also make pre-season and off-season plans.He encouraged us on been optimistic, ready to grow, out of the box thinking, recognizing opportunities and ready to Tour or travel. torontofc


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