United Way PSA

A public service announcement are messages in the public interest disseminated by the media without changes with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitude and behaviour towards a social issues.

The PSA encourage the public to further invest their time or  money towards the event or programme that  would be announced.This events could be current or for future purposes.

To write a PSA, researching about a brand, identifying strategic problem in a brand, analyzing the problems can help in reaching the targeted audience that is, those the programme would benefit.

PSA is a media tool design to transfer information and communication,this is usually sent to the  radio or television station for pronouncement to the general public or community.

Advantage of PSA to the media

It saves time  and encourage public relations officers to relate an event before sending it to the radio and television stations.

It also gives the general public awareness of upcoming event and how its benefit economically, career and health wise.for example, the United way Truckload sales 2015 was a very huge success through sending PSA to radio station for proper announcement of the upcoming event.In the PSA the date, time, year, venue,reasons for event was outlined.The event had a lot of persuasive words to encourage the community to be involve.The PSA was also announced and there was a positive turn up from the PSA awareness media tool.

Public Service Announcement Sample

Start Date:October 26, 2015

End date: November 12, 2015

30 second announcement

  Script Prepared by: Oluwabunmi  Gbemisola Shokunbi

For more Information Contact:

Kerry Ramsay, Professor & Coordinator

Post-Graduate Public Relations Program

Loyalist College

613-969-1913, ext. 2127






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