Mission, vision and values


Strategy is the formulation of organizational mission, vision and values.it helps in making plans for a successful work, school, and home environment.Vision: Mission Statement & Corporate Values – BARROWS


It is the articulation of a view of reality, mission makes the future attractive and answers the question who are we? What do we do?  And why are we here?


It is a long term view of unrealizable and realizable goals. Vision needs a concrete decision making for its to be realized.it is a clear compelling goal that serves to unite an organization.its challenges the organization on where are we going?


Value is basic belief that govern individual and organizational behaviours.

Benefit of mission, vision, and values

clarity: to help focus and guide decision making about an individual values or view.

coordination: to proper organize a person’s view  and know whether everyone is working towards the same goal.

efficiency: for daily review of how efficient an individual is towards a particular indulgence.

what is my vision?

My vision is to be distinctive and serves as encouragement to my colleagues through continuous growth and development.

what is my mission?

My mission is to relate brilliantly, universally, healthily, socially and intelligently personal values, resources, collaboration and fun.

what are my values?

My values are trustworthiness, professional growth,persuasive and reliable.















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