Digital vs. video vs. hard copy

Digital media

Digital media is the combination of video,audio and photo content encoded in computer network.the encoding content  consist converting audio and video input into has to be protected to prevent vulnerability to been distributed through computer network for example we have windows media audio (WMA)and window media video(WMV).digital media

Advantage of digital media

music media sharing for the music shared can be encoded digitally and shared and played easily without loosing the tone,pitch,voice or content of such music.videos home server can be use to store video content for easy sharing and streaming large collection of videos recorded.

Video media

video is originally designed for internet streaming applications and can be used for content is becoming a key means for  information and entertainment needs as well as social media campaign such as annual report of an organization.

Hard copy

Hard copy is a computer output printed on paper that can be read without a special exist as a physical can be viewed on computer as text or writing annual report hard copy printed clearly represent the progress of an organization for the past year or months. hard copy is visual and interactive but can not be heard in comparing digital and video media can be easily corrupted on computer by virus if not properly protected while hard copy is more reliable in order to retrieve information.hard copy can be recycled and reused for another purposes.hard copy

digital, video and hard copy  annual report can be used  to relate annual report also, the content of an organization values and brand for promotional, advertisement and marketing can be display in a soft copy and hard copy  this depends on annual report target audience for example  hard copy report  is mostly used by upper management  in an organization and presentation of digital copy of report can be display to employees, client, customers and competitors.






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