Spring Internship

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My internship experience…

Internship is an official formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession.my internship in a public relation sector  in spring will serve as on the job training. internship

Although, I am looking forward to work in a governmental or non for profit organisation this can be paid or unpaid.Expenses varies in terms of where the organisation has been located.

key learning

Internal communication in an organization such as ongoing communications, collaboration, motivations, interaction ,feedback and personal evaluation systems.

Special events,press conferences, news releases,feature stories,speeches and social media

To create and manage marketing ad messages.

To manage relationships between audience and brand by building and maintaining  workplace environments

To learn how to use the following tools:email,e-newsletters,intranet,voice mail,audio,video,CD,quizzes,games,screen savers,banners,posters, and postal mailing

To learn how to organize company’s meetings,on line meetings,social activities,internal trade shows and knowledge sharing system.

To learn how to interact and provide feedback using word of mouth, department meeting, survey and focus group

To learn how to motivate employees and customers through recognition, incentives,education and company logo items.

To learn how to design company’s logo for client satisfaction

My spring internship is going to be a lot of learning and professional development in my career!


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