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Nutritional information

carrot is a good source of vitamin A, c, k and potassium also a good source of dietary fiber, low in  fat and cholesterol. contain thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate and is an antioxidants called beta-carotene. most importantly improves eye health. wow, it reduces cancer growth in the body, you want to burn fat by loosing weight without pills carrot is a fruit that can  help out.


Nutritional information

Tangerine is a good source of dietary  fiber, it is also an antioxidant.


Nutritional information

banana is a good source dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin c, potassium, biotin, and copper. Majorly source of vitamin B6.bananas helps the heart, eyes, diet  and the mood. therefore boost the body metabolism and gives  strength to the body system because of  its sugars(12.2g),carbohydrate(22.8g),starch(5.38g) and glucose(5g).these  three basic fruits mixed together with yoghurt and cinnamon makes smoothies, very inviting and can be taken before or after meal also serves as desert. Other fruits include berries, mango, guava, apples etc. They can blended using a mixer or blender machine, it takes 60seconds to get smoothies.

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Spring Internship

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My internship experience…

Internship is an official formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or internship in a public relation sector  in spring will serve as on the job training. internship

Although, I am looking forward to work in a governmental or non for profit organisation this can be paid or unpaid.Expenses varies in terms of where the organisation has been located.

key learning

Internal communication in an organization such as ongoing communications, collaboration, motivations, interaction ,feedback and personal evaluation systems.

Special events,press conferences, news releases,feature stories,speeches and social media

To create and manage marketing ad messages.

To manage relationships between audience and brand by building and maintaining  workplace environments

To learn how to use the following tools:email,e-newsletters,intranet,voice mail,audio,video,CD,quizzes,games,screen savers,banners,posters, and postal mailing

To learn how to organize company’s meetings,on line meetings,social activities,internal trade shows and knowledge sharing system.

To learn how to interact and provide feedback using word of mouth, department meeting, survey and focus group

To learn how to motivate employees and customers through recognition, incentives,education and company logo items.

To learn how to design company’s logo for client satisfaction

My spring internship is going to be a lot of learning and professional development in my career!

Tips on handling online reviews

Online reviews can be on social media,company’s website or blog. this reviews can be very critical comment or survey from the target audiences that can only be seen through pictures and it involves open communication,in this type of communication there is no restriction to what to say and what not to say.thus,your audience can criticize  your company’s view or content via on line and also encourage the company’s or business point of the situation whereby negative reviews are made on line in regard to a company’s product.this require handling the situation in a positive mannerism.

Tips on handling online reviews

Replying to reviews in a professional and nice words, not to counter what the audience has said but to respond positively.

Responds should involve realistic polite phrases and explaining reasons for error this will relax the organization pressure and make the client stay with the company for further business.

Be able to empathize with the client and absorb criticism quickly in order to prevent tagging the company’s image bad.

Be open to conversation and make it a general perspective this means not taking every comment personal and at the same time taking note of criticism to improve on your brand image, business and organisation.

Be able to provide timely feedback either through newsletter,calls or comment to prevent misunderstanding of us through email,phone number, fax, address, video calls are major tools to provide feedback.this will encourage customers especially online customers to interact more with the company.Handling reviews




Digital vs. video vs. hard copy

Digital media

Digital media is the combination of video,audio and photo content encoded in computer network.the encoding content  consist converting audio and video input into has to be protected to prevent vulnerability to been distributed through computer network for example we have windows media audio (WMA)and window media video(WMV).digital media

Advantage of digital media

music media sharing for the music shared can be encoded digitally and shared and played easily without loosing the tone,pitch,voice or content of such music.videos home server can be use to store video content for easy sharing and streaming large collection of videos recorded.

Video media

video is originally designed for internet streaming applications and can be used for content is becoming a key means for  information and entertainment needs as well as social media campaign such as annual report of an organization.

Hard copy

Hard copy is a computer output printed on paper that can be read without a special exist as a physical can be viewed on computer as text or writing annual report hard copy printed clearly represent the progress of an organization for the past year or months. hard copy is visual and interactive but can not be heard in comparing digital and video media can be easily corrupted on computer by virus if not properly protected while hard copy is more reliable in order to retrieve information.hard copy can be recycled and reused for another purposes.hard copy

digital, video and hard copy  annual report can be used  to relate annual report also, the content of an organization values and brand for promotional, advertisement and marketing can be display in a soft copy and hard copy  this depends on annual report target audience for example  hard copy report  is mostly used by upper management  in an organization and presentation of digital copy of report can be display to employees, client, customers and competitors.





Mission, vision and values


Strategy is the formulation of organizational mission, vision and helps in making plans for a successful work, school, and home environment.Vision: Mission Statement & Corporate Values – BARROWS


It is the articulation of a view of reality, mission makes the future attractive and answers the question who are we? What do we do?  And why are we here?


It is a long term view of unrealizable and realizable goals. Vision needs a concrete decision making for its to be is a clear compelling goal that serves to unite an organization.its challenges the organization on where are we going?


Value is basic belief that govern individual and organizational behaviours.

Benefit of mission, vision, and values

clarity: to help focus and guide decision making about an individual values or view.

coordination: to proper organize a person’s view  and know whether everyone is working towards the same goal.

efficiency: for daily review of how efficient an individual is towards a particular indulgence.

what is my vision?

My vision is to be distinctive and serves as encouragement to my colleagues through continuous growth and development.

what is my mission?

My mission is to relate brilliantly, universally, healthily, socially and intelligently personal values, resources, collaboration and fun.

what are my values?

My values are trustworthiness, professional growth,persuasive and reliable.














United Way PSA

A public service announcement are messages in the public interest disseminated by the media without changes with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitude and behaviour towards a social issues.

The PSA encourage the public to further invest their time or  money towards the event or programme that  would be announced.This events could be current or for future purposes.

To write a PSA, researching about a brand, identifying strategic problem in a brand, analyzing the problems can help in reaching the targeted audience that is, those the programme would benefit.

PSA is a media tool design to transfer information and communication,this is usually sent to the  radio or television station for pronouncement to the general public or community.

Advantage of PSA to the media

It saves time  and encourage public relations officers to relate an event before sending it to the radio and television stations.

It also gives the general public awareness of upcoming event and how its benefit economically, career and health wise.for example, the United way Truckload sales 2015 was a very huge success through sending PSA to radio station for proper announcement of the upcoming event.In the PSA the date, time, year, venue,reasons for event was outlined.The event had a lot of persuasive words to encourage the community to be involve.The PSA was also announced and there was a positive turn up from the PSA awareness media tool.

Public Service Announcement Sample

Start Date:October 26, 2015

End date: November 12, 2015

30 second announcement

  Script Prepared by: Oluwabunmi  Gbemisola Shokunbi

For more Information Contact:

Kerry Ramsay, Professor & Coordinator

Post-Graduate Public Relations Program

Loyalist College

613-969-1913, ext. 2127




Public Relations sector


Public Relation is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or organization such as business, government agency, or a non-profit organisation.public relations

On October 8th 2015, the Public Relation students of Loyalist College went on school trip to three outstanding public relations organisation in Toronto Ontario.The three organisations adventure is explained below:

Steam Whistle Brewery


The Steam whistle begins in 1998 when three friends decide on “doing one thing really really well”.Steam Whistle equally proud of its unique packaging display simplicity brand marketing.The company has an exceptional team, combining talents, experience and a passion for its growth.Thus, called the “Good Beer Folks”.Steam Whistle relates to the public through home delivery, event planning, blogging, website, facebook, twitter, word of mouth.etc.steamwhistle

Edelman Public Relation Firm


Edelman Public Relation leading independent global firm was also visited.In relation to their presentation, the company uses the latest social media and digital tools to establish a new era of public engagement between organisation and their constituents.The company enlightened us on the different career path in PR among many;communication, planning and creative, media, public affairs etc. Edelman employees, work as a team and very enthusiastic about their job.The organization major media tools and events are Kraft integrated PR campaign, Mobile,Kraft community-based, Marketing program, Community relations campaign,Ontario graphite,Kraft community marketing programme, and website etc. Edelman

Toronto Football Club


The Toronto FC a soccer club was another exciting place we visited, the Public Relation officer gave a presentation on the football club and what role he plays.He explained he never minded starting as a ticket distributor before he got the opportunity of a Public Relation coordinator.He works for Toronto FC players or team at the media relation department and also make pre-season and off-season plans.He encouraged us on been optimistic, ready to grow, out of the box thinking, recognizing opportunities and ready to Tour or travel. torontofc

My best Learning in PR is…

In public relation classes so far, the learning has been continuous and fun all the way,especially in the area of writing and Phrasing words.My major area of learning includes Branding, Advertising, WIIFM, RACE, Social media, Blogging, and Public Writing.etc.

Branding :campaign that encourage consumers to create content and organization been able to share a product in other to create differentiation through colour, designs, values and awareness  from the market or competitors.

Advertising: campaign that relate a brand to consumers through paid, earned ,owned, and shared acronym (PESO) these includes social media, magazine, journalism, brochures, corporate blogging, annual reports, and special events.

WIIFM: stands for what is in it for me as an organization,individual, community and non for profit.

RACE: stands for Research, Analysis, communication and evaluation of a particular company’s brand and resources.

Another most interesting aspects are Team formation, Fundraising participation, games ,for example, Beach volleyball, Gift takeaway,Pizza get together and Presentations from Graduate of Public Relation.

Branding is also a commonly used term in Public Relation which can be described as the sum total of everything heard, seen, touched and felt about a product, a service, or a concept.

We learnt there are seven ways to build a strong brand; Consistency of brand messages, employee commitment and communication, strong brand values, consistently deliver on the brand promise, build a positive brand experience, make a long-term investment ,strength and RACE: this is an acronym for, Research, Analysis, Communication and evaluation.

In design classes, we learnt how to design newsletter and Communication can be effective using tools like Prezi for presentation.Public Relations encompasses  Media relationships and content mastering.

Rules of Grammar

stock-photo-grammar-concept-word-cloud-background-216945532Grammar can be define as the set of structural rules governing the composition of clauses, phrases, and words.

You can bravely write sentence construction and accurate communication if you understand the guidelines.These includes:Use of active voice, Link ideas with a conjunction,Use a comma to connect two ideas as one, Use a serial commma in a list, Use the semi colon to join two ideas, Use the simple present tense for habitual actions, Use the present progressive tense for current action,Add “ed” to verbs for the past tense,Use perfect tenses.Rules of Grammar

Using Active voice : For example, Mary washed the plate.

Linking ideas with a conjunction: conjunctions includes,For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So.For example, Mary and I washed the plate.

Using a comma to connect two ideas:For example,Mary washed the plate, and I dispose the waste bin.

Using a serial comma in a list:For example, Toys R Us has babies and kids toys on sale.

Using semicolon to join two ideas: This can be use when two ideas are seperate sentences, but you think that they are. So closely connected;they really should be one.Use a semicolon. For example, Acquiring Knowledge is important;it’s powerful and enthusiastic.

Using the Simple Present Tense for Habitual Actions:The simple present is the tense we use for any habitual action such as the things you always do.For example, I am studying for my exams.

A Clause is the smallest grammatical unit that can express a complete proposition. A typical clause consists of a subject and a verb phrase.

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